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A Brief History of our Official Banner

Yateley and District Lions Official Banner was designed by Audrey Sallows, a wife of one our charter members. The design and layout was based upon the badge of Charles Kingsley School, Eversley, where she was a teacher.

The black and white background stripes represent the local river,
The River Blackwater.
The recognisable logo which can be seen at the top of the banner is the logo for Lions International - the world wide organisation which Yateley & District Lions belong to.

The boars head to the left of our banner represents the village of Eversley. In saxon times wild boar were hunted in the Eversley area. The old saxon word for boar was "eofor" which helped to create the village name of "Eoforsleigh" which later contracted to Eversley.
Eversley is just one area which Yateley & District Lions covers.

The plant to the right hand side of our banner represents the "Broom" and the area which was formerly known as "Broomshill" which is now known as Bramshill, another area which our club covers.
Below this is the code 105SC, this is the Lions District in the UK which Yateley and District Lions belongs to.

The large Y in the centre of our banner not only represents the word Yateley but also represents the three county boundaries of Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire which lies in Sandhurst also in our area.